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Gala Restrepo - Macrobiotic Expert



  • 1 broccoli

  • 100 grams of pumpkin seeds

  • 100 grams of cherries

  • 4 purple onions

  • 100 ml of mustard

  • 100 ml of olive oil

  • 3 lemons and salt

  • 50 grams of apple sirup 

  • 100 ml REBEL KITCHEN coconut yogurt


Marinate the  broccoli with lemon and salt. Press the onion and radishes with lemon and salt, add the cherries without seeds. Mix everything and reserve. Toast pumpkin seeds and add. Mix with mustard, apple sirup, oil, coconut yogurt and pepper.


Santiago Lastra - Mexican Chef

Santiago is a remarkably well-traveled and talented Mexican chef with a seriously original approach to cooking. 
After earning his stripes at Mugaritz, Santi left the Basque Country to join the team at Bror in Copenhagen. Add to that stopovers at the Nordic Food Lab, the Wood*ing Foraging Academy and NOMA Mexico where he was René Redzepi’s right hand.

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Deborah Vertiz - PR at Mezcal Amores

Deb’s on Mezcal Amores and her favourite spots in Mexico city.

Tell us about the method of production you are using. 

Our production process is 100% artisanal and handcrafted.  We plant 10 new agaves for each one we use in order to combat agave deforestation. We don’t use any yeasts or chemical additives in the fermentation process; the result is a spirit of great purity (no hangover!). 

How would you describe the difference between the different expressions? Any personal tips on how to pair them? 

Mezcal Amores Espadín – Is smooth and friendly. It is the perfect mescal for first time drinkers, a perfect introduction to mescal since the smokiness and over all flavor is subtle. Pairs great with fresh dishes like ceviche.

Mezcal Amores Cupreata – is our Green Warrior. It ss way more complex, it’s stronger in taste and intensity. Regular mescal drinkers love it.  It pairs great with meat dishes and dark chocolate.

Do you have a neighborhood that you spend most your time at?

Condesa, Roma and San Miguel Chapultepec

Where are you sending your friends when they visit – which places are not to be missed in DF and what on the menu shall one order?

El Parnita- tacos viajero and rellenitos

Contramar – tuna tostadas and scallop green aguachile 

El Cardenal- Escamoles and gusanos de maguey

El Jarocho de las lomas (street food)- Jaiba tostada and shrimp coctel

El Hidalguense – barbacoa de espaldilla and pulque 

Califa for tacos – gringa

La Docena – oysters 

De Mar a Mar  - ceviche